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Overlapping and then following on from the Art Nouveau movement came the Art Deco style of the nineteen twenties and thirties. With a more geometric and streamlined approach, Art Deco forged an era with many manufactured goods emulating the styles developed by the artists of the time. Architecture, cinema and music were all affected during this heady age of jazz, not to mention vast outputs of decorative ceramic goods from the numerous Art Deco Potteries that sprang up during the time.

Ashtead Potters Prometheus model Myott Beaky Jug

Ashtead Potters 'Prometheus' model for Hope's Heating & Lighting Ltd. by Percy Metcalfe (left) and a Myott Beaky Jug (right)

At this time there was a massive increase in the output of ornate ceramics, especially from the potteries of the Staffordshire area of Stoke-on-Trent. The Art Deco Potteries website concentrates of those factories outputting art wares which have since become indicative of the era and which encapsulate the Art Deco movement.

Pair of Royal Doulton Art Deco vases Royal Doulton Art Deco vase

Royal Doulton Art Deco vases

Though difficult to set a particular start for this 'modern' trend as it became known, by around 1910 significant advances had been made by major contributors to the new crisp appearance of Art Deco.

Though the actual coining of the phrase Art Deco didn't happen until 1966 the consensus is that is derived from the Paris exhibition of 1925, L'exposition des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels. Like Nouveau, Art Deco has its roots in France.

Potteries or trade names?
The Art Deco potteries listed on this website are in some cases the actual name of the pottery and in other cases we have either used brand names or styles which have either recently become popular terms for a particular make of pottery or have come to identify as the pottery itself.
We have therefore tried to use the most popular terms from the Art Deco enthusiast's point of view. Wherever possible we have noted in the text where brand, style or trade names have been used against the actual name of the pottery during the Art Deco era. Dates have been applied to these names wherever possible along with references.
Global Ceramic Restoration
GCR Services specialise in Art Deco ceramics restoration produced by the Art Deco potteries of the 1920's and 1930's. We would like to thanks GCR for supplying some of the images and information that is contained within this website.
Clarice Cliff vase - Cafe pattern

Clarice Cliff vase in the Cafe Pattern - circa 1930