Crown Devon Art Deco Pottery

The Crown Devon pottery was based in Stoke-on-Trent, in the Staffordshire Potteries area of England. Established at the existing Railway Pottery by Simon Fielding in 1873, the factory fell on hard times, and in 1878 was taken over and expanded by Fielding’s son Abraham retaining the name S. Fielding & Co. Ltd. The name Crown Devon was adopted as the Art Deco style was hatching in 1913 and output increased from the Devon Pottery.

The factory thrived in production of Art Deco wares with patterns including Mattajade, Mattatone and Garden ware - a decorative floral design. Musical items, salad ware, lamp bases and figurines designed by Kathleen Fisher were also introduced in the 1930s as well as novelty animal figures of dogs. Certainly by 1939 the figurines and figures were advertised as 'figures which combine artistic merit with economy of price.' a strap line which sums up the mass produced ceramics of thew Art Deco era in a single sentence. Crown Devon continued production, weathering a fire in 1951, until 1982.

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