Wedgwood Art Deco Pottery

The longevity of the Wedgwood company has made it a household name. Founded by Josiah Wedgwood in the eighteenth century, the company is still in production today. Some big names were taken on board during the 1930s to design Art Deco wares, such as, studio potter Keith Murray, Eric Ravilious and John Skeaping the sculptor who designed geometric animal figures.

The Fairyland lustre range by Daisy Makeig Jones is very collectible displaying mythical and magical scenes in both oriental and Persian styles, with patterns such as ‘Dana’ and ‘Candlemas’.

Keith Murray’s output was a style of his own, with simple, linear, often 'ribbed' designs in matt greens, blue and a pale cream colour called 'moonstone'. Some rare black basalt examples exist which display a red mark on the base.

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